Secret Button Flex Lock

This cabinet lock can be used on cabinets with either knobs or handle pulls. It is easy to install and features adjustable straps let you get a customized fit for cabinets with hardware up to 8 inches apart. Find your nearest store of contact our Customer Service team for more information.
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The Outsmart Flex Lock is designed to secure your cabinets from your curious children. Its special feature is its prominent decoy button that can be pushed by your child but will have no effect on the lock system. Functional buttons are hidden in plain sight. It is suitable for use on both cabinet knobs and handle pulls and hangs conveniently out of the way when it is not needed. The straps are adjustable to fit cabinets with hardware from 7.6 cm up to 20.3 cm apart, and it is easily installed with no drilling required.

Prominent decoy button

Flexible surface hides functional buttons easy installation with no drilling required

Fits on both cabiet knobs and handle pulls

Hang convenient out of the way when not needed

Adjusts to fit cabinets with hardware from 7.6 cm to 20.3 cm apart.

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